New iPad 9.7 deals: where to pre-order Apple’s new tablet

We've been waiting for some time for a new iPad, and Apple surprised us all a few days ago by announcing just that. So, if you're looking for somewhere to pre-order your new iPad 9.7, you're in the right place. 

It's good news all around, as you won't have to wait long for the new iPad 9.7, and you won't even have to spend as much as you think (which makes a change for Apple, right?).

Apple is taking pre-orders for the new iPad 9.7 today, with stock expected to ship out next week. The price is incredibly cheap for a new Apple product and considerably cheaper than the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7-inch. In the US, pre-orders for the 32GB  model start at $ 329, compared to £339 in the UK.

That's seriously cheap for a new iPad. It's $ 70/£40 cheaper than the best iPad Air 2 deal today and the new iPad 9.7 is essentially an iPad Air 3 in all but name. Come to think of it, it's cheaper than most iPad Mini 4 deals too! The short version? If you're after a good value new iPad, this is seriously worth considering.

Where to pre-order the new iPad 9.7

If you want to lock down your new iPad 9.7 pre-order straight away, then your only option for now is direct from Apple. Expect other retailers to get their own stock a week or so after Apple's first batch of orders ship out.

Ready to order a new iPad now? Then you better get on over to the Apple US or Apple UK store while stocks last.

How big is the new iPad?

The new iPad has a 9.7-inch retina display. In terms of dimensions, the height and width is the same as the iPad Air 2 (240 x 169.5mm). It's slightly thicker though at 7.5mm, compared to 6.1mm, which is a bit of a modest increase. It's also about 30 grams heavier than the Air 2 (about the weight of a bag of crisps).

Where's the iPad Air 3?

It would seem that Apple is simplifying its lineup, just like we saw recently with the new MacBook range (which seems to have absorbed the Air brand). Seeing as the dimensions and internal spec of the new iPad are very close to the iPad Air 2, you could consider this the spiritual successor.

Is the new iPad more powerful than the iPad Air 2?

Yes, but just a little. The new iPad uses an A9 chip with an M9 coprocessor compared to the older A8x and M8. So more of a fine tune than a radical overall, but an improvement nonetheless. However, don't assume that means the old iPad Air 2 will be cheaper now…

How much is the new iPad 9.7?

Apple is coming in way cheaper than we expected. Prices in the US will start at $ 329 for the 32GB Wi-Fi model, while UK customers are looking at £339. As things stand today, that's $ 70/£40 cheaper than the best 32GB iPad Air 2 deal. The 16GB model of the iPad Air 2 seems to have been phased out at most retailers and isn't any cheaper. So if you're a new iPad buyer and don't need the pricey internal spec of the iPad Pro, the new iPad 9.7 is looking like your best option.

Can I put a SIM card in the new iPad?

Yes, but you'll need to opt for the more expensive cellular/4G model. This is only needed if you'll be wanting to use data when away from Wi-Fi. If you go for celluar 32GB model it will cost $ 469/£469, with the 128GB model costing $ 559/£559.

What colors does the new iPad 9.7 come in?

At launch you'll be able to buy the new 9.7-inch iPad in Silver, Space Gray and Gold. There's no mention of a Rose Gold model yet, but we wouldn't rule one out in the future.

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