Mass Effect: Andromeda’s First Free Apex Mission Is Out Now

Mass Effect: Andromeda expands today with its first multiplayer Apex mission.

Available for free, this is the first of “several” story-based missions for the game that feature “new playable characters, weapons, and items.”

Titled “Drack’s Missing Scouts,” this first Andromeda Apex mission is available until March 27. To complete the task, you need to investigate the map, Firebase Paradox, to investigate a Kett threat. You can see the mission in action through the gameplay video embedded above.

In other news, Andromeda recently received a patch, while BioWare said it’s exploring the possibility of addressing the game’s reported animation issues.

Andromeda officially launched on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. GameSpot’s review scored the game a 6/10; you can see a roundup of scores from other outlets here.

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