Heroes of the Storm Is Getting A Massive Progression Overhaul

With its next big update coming April 25 (entering beta today), Blizzard's MOBA-esque brawler Heroes of the Storm is taking a page from the Overwatch book – loot chests! Loot chests will contain many of the cosmetics already available in the game in addition to banners, sprays, announcers, and emojis.

The progression system overhaul also changes the way levels work for characters and accounts, making things simple: your account level will simply be the sum of all hero levels obtained. The update also removes hero  level caps, meaning you can level forever and ever, while reaping the associated rewards.

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As in Overwatch, you'll get a loot chest every time you level, and different rarities will pop out. If you really only play a few characters, the great news is that you unlock hero-specific loot chests every 10 levels so you can deck out your favorites.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 enters beta today.

Our Take
One of the sticking points for me with the title has always been the progression systems (and the antiquated method of unlocking characters with currency), and these changes are significant and rather huge. I can't wait to try out new announcers, spam emojis, and crack open crates. I'm hoping that these profound changes get more people to take a look at Blizzard's take on the MOBA genre. 

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