Hearthstone’s Journey To Un’Goro Expansion Coming Next Week

Blizzard's latest expansion to card-collecting game Hearthstone now has an official release date. Coinciding with the Year of the Mammoth event, Journey to Un'Goro will be available starting on April 6.

Journey to Un'Goro introduces new monsters, mechanics, and card types to the free-to-play title. Adapting dinosaurs and deadly elementals are one major addition, as are quest cards, which grant players special bonuses if completed. 

Players can pre-purchase a bundle of 50 Journey to Un'Goro card packs before the expansion's release for $ 49.99. In the week leading up to the launch, players can also gain rewards for logging in each day up to April 5, one of which is an Un'Goro-themed Volcanosaur card. More information about the expansion can be found here.

Check out our previous coverage of Un'Goro's additions to the game, as well as the recent news of Blizzard retiring the Battle.net name.

[Source: Hearthstone blog]


Our Take
The quest card mechanic seems like it'll add an interesting strategic layer to competitive play. 

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