Google Calendar is now an official Apple iPad app

Things are looking up for busybodies who rely on Google's Calendar app on iOS, but wish they had a bigger screen.

Google Calendar has now been optimized on iPad, finally allowing iOS users a proper app for accessing their synchronized schedules on Apple's line of tablets.

While Google Calendar has had tablet compatibility for a while on Android, iOS users have until now stuck with a iPhone version of the app on their iPad.

Though totally functional, the blown-up smartphone version on iPad was a less-than-optimal experience with a lot of wasted space that sort of negated the purpose of a tablet.

Starting today, iPad users can update their Google Calendar app to version 2.0.0 (no need to download a new, separate app) to enjoy a better-looking, full-screen digital log of all their upcoming appointments, travel dates, reminders, to-do lists, and more.

iPads aren't the only non-Android devices taking advantage of Google's timekeeping app. Amazon's Echo smart speakers can also keep you on schedule using Google Calendar, complete with Alexa acting as your personal voice-activated secretary.

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