Free New Dynasty Warriors Game Out Now, Marks Series Mobile Debut

Through its many sequels, the Dynasty Warriors series has taken players back in time to the historical battlefields of China and, well, let them all out brawl. Now players are getting the chance to hack-and-slash using their smartphones in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, the series’ first mobile game. Get a look in the trailer below:

The game lets you play as one of the 48 characters from the console series and embark on quests. Like in previous games, these quests involve your character using their powerful, larger-than-life weapons to conquer hordes of enemies on the battlefield. Players will also use strategy to promote generals, build armies, and unlock additional characters. The game’s different modes include:

  • Conquest Mode – Challenge one or multiple players in the campaign
  • Skirmish – Battle in real-time with up to four players
  • Boss Fights – Skip straight to the boss fights, by yourself or in co-op mode

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed also features a variety of multiplayer modes, including cooperative play and real-time PvP matches like Raid Mode, where you steal fragments from your opponents, and War Supply, where you occupy mines and gather resources to beat other players.

The game also promises “detailed, stylized graphics [that] keep the central focus on the action, running smoothly even as dozens of enemy units fill the screen.” It is now available as a free download on iOS and on Android (with many in-game purchases of items and currency available).

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Console fans of the series can look forward to the next installment on PlayStation 4. Last year, publisher Koei Tecmo unveiled Dynasty Warriors 9 and said it would be a “rebirth” for the series, taking place in an open-world environment that encompasses all of China in one grand map.

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