Facebook will test GIFs in comments because who needs words anymore?

Who needs words when you can express yourself in GIF form?

Facebook has apparently clued into everyone's favorite means of expression, at least on social media, and plans to test reaction GIFs in comments starting next week, TechCrunch reports.

The small test will show some users a GIF button with which they can select an animated image to post in comments. The GIFs will be sourced from places like Giphy and other animated image services.

Facebook confirmed its GIF experiment in a statement to the site, noting that while "Everyone loves a good GIF", this is still only a test and not a full-blown feature for all users.

Much the same as finding and sharing GIFs in Facebook Messenger, testers will be able to search for reaction GIFs (like "excited" or "what") or pick one that's trending. Then, they can comment on a post with the GIF instead of text or a static image.

Facebook currently only allows users to share GIFs using links, however as TechCrunch suggests, if their presence in comments gains traction, it could lead to not only everyone posting GIFs in response to friends' statuses, but also perhaps one day a proliferation of animated images in the News Feed itself.

In other words:

Credit: Giphy

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