Clash Royale Gets Its Biggest Update Yet

Supercell has launched a huge update to its free-to-play juggernaut Clash Royale, which includes Leagues, new reward chests, and more.

Supercell has posted the full details of today's update, which adds a number of new features, while also laying the groundwork for more upcoming content.

The biggest addition is the game's new Leagues system, which essentially extends the current ladder ranking with nine more tiers. The first League starts at a hefty 4,000 trophies, with the final maxing out at 6,400 trophies. Achieving one of these high-end tiers offers up big rewards at the end of the season, in the form of new Draft Chests. These special chests allow you to choose each reward between multiple cards.

Today's update also paves the way for Clan Battle, a new form of co-op battle that places you on a team with another player. Supercell says the first Clan Battle will be available on March 24. In the meantime, players can now strive to enter the new Legendary Arena, which is now the 11th arena in the ladder and requires 3,800 crowns to qualify. The previous, level-10 Legendary Arena has been renamed Hog Mountain.

For the full breakdown of the patch, including balance tweaks and upcoming cards, check out Supercell's site at the link below.

[Source: Supercell]


Our Take
I played my fair share of Clash Royale back in the day, before finally breaking free from the F2P grind. Today's late-game additions don't motivate me to return anytime soon, but I'm glad that devoted fans of the game are getting more content. – The Feed