Bomberman 64 Available Now On Wii U Virtual Console

Bomberman 64 will be hitting the Wii U Virtual Console today, possibly in an effort to console Bomberman fans disappointed with the recent release of Super Bomberman R. Sporting a full 24-level  campaign, Bomberman 64 sees players aiding Bomberman in a quest to defend Planet Bomber from the villainous Altair, who is seeking to drain the planets energy using the Omni-Cube. Players can also engage up to four friends in a local multiplayer Battle mode. 

We didn't exactly resonate with the recent release of Super Bomberman R for the Ninendo Switch, writing, "It's a better multiplayer game than a single-player game, but it's not a particularly good multiplayer game either." You can read our full review here

[Source: Nintendo] – The Feed