Vodafone launches first smartphone child safety apps

For improving the safety measures for children regarding using the cell phones. Vodafone has come up in the market with two Android apps and a mobile content filter. Under this guardian app the parents would be provided a facility to obstruct calls and messages for preventing cyber nuisance. In other words all the nuisance text messages are transferred to a locked folder which would further used as a proof against any investigation done by schools or police.

With the help of this app parents can hamper the outgoing calls to the fixed numbers moreover a specific time period can also be fixed under which no calls can be done or received. Parents may fix the time limits for using particular apps by obstructing contact to mobile web or mobile camera during definite time period. The parents also received the messages from apps if the handset is used by the children for making a call to emergency services but does not trace out the log of calls. The apps have been successfully launched in Egypt, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, US, and New Zealand.

A new app called Digital parenting has also been launched by Vodafone which gives advice and support to the parents who wish that their children should derive benefits from these smart gadgets also protecting them from uncertain dangers. In United Kingdom, this Digital parenting app is very easily accessible and it would be launched very soon in other countries of the world. Moreover Vodafone has also released a htc sensation xe contract phone filter which helps in blocking unsuitable content for below 18s and lacking parent’s permission.

The CEO of Vodafone Vittorio COLao told these smart gadgets revolts are extremely constructive for the World, changes the method of people communication, learning and sharing. All the young generation and children would easily understand the innovative world of smart phones interactions and internet. htc sensation xe deals on vodafone has also declared that he would turn out to be a founding member of Pan European task force and upgrade the safety of children through online. bot now there is nothing to worry as Vodafone Digital parenting apps and Guardian would allow the parents by providing them strength and increase an ability to share their child digital journey to maturity.

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