Top 5 Apps for iOS Devices

The following 5 apps have different uses for you to make the most of your Apple devices, you can use them for pleasure and security, moreover, there is an app that has political nature, which means you can predict the next president. So you will have much fun with them.

1. At Bat. Watch live. Listen to the live broadcast. At Bat 11 is the best-selling application in App Store, every pitch every shot, the whole 2011 season is in front of your eyes. Follow your favorite team, a comprehensive understanding of the latest events, including subscripting MLB.TV to watch live videos, you also can enjoy enhanced Gameday features, as well as watching home and away live broadcast.

2. Fund Slinger 2012. Want to predict the next present? Well, maybe you can’t do it in reality, but in the digital world, there is nothing that you can’t do. A new app is released for your iDevices, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. For the 99-cent download fee, this game allows players to throw bags of money and stacks of cash at the candidates as they stand at podiums on a debate stage. The goal is to “donate” as much money to a candidate in an allotted amount of time. Donations are doubled as they go to your favorite candidate.

3. ipod to computer transfer. It’s an app for you to protect your stuff in your iPod. There are so many situations that we need this app, such as, you get a new computer and want to transfer everything from iPod to your new laptop, well, it is the time to use this app. The aim of this ipod to computer transfer is to backup your files in iTunes, to be simple, so you don’t need to buy everything again in your iTunes, save a lot of money for you.

4. 1Password Pro. And this one is aimed to protect your iDevcies, the secure password-management and account information tool from Agile Web Solutions works as well on the iPad and iPhone as it does on the Mac—which is to say, superbly. You can keep your passwords and other sensitive information, including credit card numbers and PINs, software key codes, secure notes, and personal info for filling out Web forms all under 1Password Pro’s protection.

5. Greebly. Greebly represents a new paradigm in real-time puzzle games. The goal is to guide a small robot to a power socket before his power runs out. Players engage with the world by actually manipulating the environment in order to guide Greebly. Platforms can be built, extended or destroyed at the touch of a finger. Different power-ups allow Greebly to climb vertical walls, parachute from great heights, or gain valuable power to extend his life.

Of course, there are more apps for you to utilize your devices, such as how to transfer movie from ipod to computer, with this litter trick, you can transfer all your movies from iPod to iTunes or computer, you won’t want to miss it.


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