Top 4 iOS Apps for Kids

Developers of applications for mobiles have not been ignoring kids while writing rich software for your iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices. Here’s a list of apps that your kids will love to use. Not only will they be fun, almost all of them will be educational. A far better way to spend time than on the Xbox. Let’s have a look at these applications.

The Monster at the End of this Book: If your kids are Sesame Street aficionados – every kid watches Sesame Street when they’re growing up – then they will love to be taken through this classic story by Grover, a furry blue creature that your kids are likely to know about. The story in the application is animated, narrated by Grover, and interactive. Your kid can hear Grover talk simply by tapping on him. As he narrates the story, words are highlighted. The app is compatible for both the Apple iPad tablet and the smaller screen of the iPhone. At the time this article is being written, it costs $ 3.99 in the App store.


TableTots: This is an exclusive iPad app, that is meant as an educational tool that can teach kids a number of things, from spelling to counting. There is a green table that has a number of objects. You can tap on one of them for a voice to tell you what it is – whether a duck or a square shape. There are tabs labeled Things, Shapes, Letter, Numbers, and you can select the group that you want your kid to learn next. You can even move the objects around for greater interaction. It costs around $ 1.99 in the App Store.


Wood Puzzle Maze: Do you remember the puzzles of wood that you used to play with as a kid, in which you could remove and replace large wooden pieces that would then fit with a click? This is an app for the iPad that lets you do just that. Children up to the ages of 4 can develop motor skills and logic. On your screen you will see a virtual maze that has been cut into a wooden base. There are a number of circular wooden picture pieces of animals and fruit that your preschooler can slide around. Or there are a bunch of fireflies to be captured in a jar. It’s a fun app that your child will love.


Millie Was Here: Meet Millie: Kids love pop-up books for the surprises they contain. This iOS app, only for the iPad is an interactive book that is full of hidden surprises. On each page there are either buttons that cause Millie the dog to pop up or there are hidden stickers to find. There is also a game in which your kid can dig into Millie’s couch and explore it.

Anthony Weiner is a much-published writer on mobile technologies and is also a tester for mobile devices and apps, having written numerous articles on iOS devices and apps that are developed for them.