The New iPhone 4S And Samsung Galaxy Nexus-We Explore Still Photography On These Models

There are several premium smartphone’s currently available all competing to become the most popular device with consumers.  The iPhone 4S from Apple and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are two such models that are very evenly matched in terms of performance and specification.  We take a look at the camera features that are on offer with these phones and see how they compare.

Samsung have opted to install a 5 mega pixel camera in their Galaxy Nexus device.  Although this facility offers a high quality of image it is a lower resolution than what many rival phones offer.  Samsung compensate for the lower resolution by fitting the camera with an excellent sensor chip which helps the model produce better results than many other supposedly better models.  The model gives the user a simple interface with many of the more advanced camera functions hidden away until you need them.  The handset does not feature a dedicated shutter key so you do have to tap the icon that is displayed on screen in order to capture your image.  One thing we did notice about this model is that the shutter speed is incredibly fast so images are captured the moment you tap the screen.  This is where many camera phones disappoint as there is often a delay between pressing the shutter and the photograph being captured.  A number of additional features accompany the camera including manual controls for white balance and exposure compensation.  There are also a number of preset scene modes that can be selected for different shooting conditions.
The new iPhone 4S offers numerous improvements over the iPhone 4 and the updated camera facility is one of the most noticeable.  The phone now sports an 8 mega pixel camera which is a 3 million pixel improvement over its predecessor.  Apple have also updated the lens and sensor that are used on this model making it one of the very best photography phones available.  Unlike the Galaxy nexus the phone does boast a physical shutter key which is the volume up button.  This is a great addition as it keeps your fingers away from the screen when you are trying to perfectly frame a photograph.  The iPhone does not offer as many extra settings as the Galaxy Nexus but there is an excellent HDR mode available.  When this mode is activated it takes three identical snaps at different exposure levels and combines these to give an excellent final result.  This latest model also offers some basic editing features which allow you to perform simple tasks such as removing red eye and cropping the size of the image.
Both of these models offer great camera facilities and are two of the very best models available for still photography.  The Galaxy Nexus boasts more optional settings than the iPhone 4S but ultimately the Apple device produces the higher standard of final image.

The iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are available now.

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