Take Attention to the Coolest iPhone Apps


Obviously, we can easily see technological innovation is generating a remarkable progress all over the world. Apple products have become the representative of high-tech products, to show us the latest technology. Many people think it it so cool to own an iPod, iPad or iPhone and more and more people want to become Apple users to feel its charm and power. Having an iPhone makes you cool, right?

 It is such a popular trend for all users to make use of the coolest iPhone Applications. And do you know what’s really cool? Let’s check out the most attractive and the coolest iPhone apps ever. Now, let’s start our journey, and I firmly believe there will be harvested.

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 Evernote allows you to turn your iPhone into a memory bank for your life story, recording and remembering everything that you want to throughout your day. You can use it for voice memos, photos and text, while recording any geo-location information and attaching it to the note, so that you know where you were when you discovered that tasty bottle of wine whose label you snapped. You can also sync Evernote to your Mac or PC, allowing you to upload and store vital messages, generally organizing your super-cool life. It’s free.



 iDrink provides you with the answer to that eternal question of the party animal: “What should I drink next?” You can search its vast database of spirits, liqueurs and mixers and come up with the recipe for the ideal cocktail to suit your palate, creating a masterpiece of mixology out of the remnants of your booze cabinet. The ‘Randomize’ button is a cool little addition to the app, giving you a random cocktail to have as your next drink. It comes with a default list of ‘The Best of the Best’, however you can change and edit this according to your tried and tested preferences. Just don’t overdo it; there’s nothing less cool than a lecherous drunk, so make sure you know who’s mixing your drinks and steer clear of the infamous ‘Red Eye’.



 This app allows you to browse cinemas and theatres by location or by film or show type, read reviews and watch trailers then select your preferred ticket type and purchase tickets in a flash. iPhone users also have the added benefit of being able to log in using their Facebook account, posting your movie reviews to your wall and sharing your thoughts and opinions about the film with your friends.



 This is an app that allows you to find any kind of place you want anywhere in the world, read reviews of any venue that you might be about to enter, check if your friends liked it or not and bookmark all of your favourite places so that you have your own personalized city guide. Save the picure and send it to your friends with ipad photo transfer, that’s really cool. You can use Qype to ‘Check In’ to places, which will publish your location on social networks such as Facebook so that your buddies will be able to find you. The main benefit of Qype is that you will never again be stuck with a ‘where to go now’ question, seeing as you can have rated and reviewed definitions of any local place in any area.


Touch Mouse

 You know this one really is cool, despite its geeky premise. Simply connect your computer to your TV so that your screen is displayed across it then set up Touch Mouse to be configured on either your Mac or your PC and control everything from the comfort of your couch. The text will be shown on your iPhone’s screen as well as your TV so you avoid Repetitive Strain Injury by constantly looking up and down so anything that you type will also be emblazoned across your TV screen!

 It is an indisputable fact for iPhone user that all of them should take attention to these iPhone apps. If you want to be more fashionable, more charming, if you’re a excellent fan of Apple, then just to

download these must-have iphone programs. Your iPhone should be full of incredibly cool apps.

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