Personal Safety Alarms Gadgets

I supervise a restaurant located in our own household. We store all the perishable items in one walk-in refrigerated room. Business was good until all our trusted people, who started with us, left one after the other due to their own reasons.

With new staff in our employ, we were losing invaluable supplies and it was affecting our restaurant.

We discovered that the losses were suffered be it during or off restaurant hours. By then, we decided to purchase personal safety alarm devices. We decided on the UFO Home and Personal Safety Alarm because of the flexibility of this device. It is useful for residence, business and individual uses. At home, it gives you reassurance whether you are in or away.

The UFO Home and Personal Safety Alarm can be a burglar, door, window, bag, drawer, or cupboard alarm. It works as a flashlight as well.

If it serves as a personal safety alarm, pressing the panic button or removing the insulation plug produces a high-pitched alarm siren, and its strobe light is triggered simultaneously. When your bag is snatched, its connection to your wrist, via a strap or a snap hook on the handle of your bag, will be pulled and the alarm siren and strobe light are activated. It is how these alarms work.

These personal safety alarms double as burglar alarm systems and can work for our restaurant during and after working hours. In the storage space where there are drawers, doors or windows, they can function separately as indoor, cabinet, window and drawer alarms.

The different functions provided require the use of elements that are provided with these personal safety alarms. They have the door knob strap, hook and spring blades placed between the space of the door, window or drawer. setting up was made effortless by the instructions that were included.

With the presence of personal safety alarms, our enterprise is secure once again. It has not only minimized our losses but eliminated it completely.

Check out the personal safety alarms and start reaping all the benefits of the worry-free self defense products.

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