How to Develop Feature-Rich Window Mobile Apps

Window mobile apps development is gaining huge popularity with the introduction of Windows 7 platform. You can also hire an offshore mobile apps development company for the task.


Windows mobile apps development is similar to the usual desktop and computer programming and is very much different from the apps development of other smart phones. This is because in Window mobile application development, same type of techniques and tools are used, such as Visual Studio that can be used in developing apps for desktop. Here we will discuss about how the apps for Windows mobile can be developed.


 First of all, you need to get the most up-to-date version of Visual studio as it provides better and simple techniques to develop drag and drop applications. With the help of Visual Studio, the programmers can develop apps, debug them and pack them for delivery.  


The other important tool used for developing Window mobile applications is Windows SDK (Software Development Kit). This kit includes the essential resource files and APIs need for app development. Further, SDK also provides loads of help and support to the developers. It comprises of a number of apps and emulators which are used for debugging and testing, without being attached to a phone.  


ActiveSync is the other software required by the developers to use the emulator. This software works as an interface which enables to load the created apps from the Visual Studio into the emulator or gadget. XP users have to download ActiveSync and install it in their device but Vista users need not to download and run it as it boast a built-in mobile device centre.


It is slightly easy to develop basic windows mobile apps if someone has knowledge of Visual Studio. The developers who require some further help and support, they can go online and check Microsoft’s MSDN (developer network). Developers will find video demos, virtual labs, code samples, blogs, webcasts, etc. on the network and can clear their doubts by interaction.


By following these guidelines, one can only create the basic Window mobile applications but, the more advanced and useful apps that can be bought in the market are more difficult and require better skills and experience to create such apps. Mainly there are two options available for the companies which are developing more advanced and feature-rich apps and these are as follows:


First of all, you need to find a developer who is proficient in working on Microsoft phone Operating System. The developers needs to have knowledge of Windows Mobile 6.5 as well as Windows Phone 7OS as the former is replaced by the latter version. So, the developer should have skills to work on both the OS and can also offer upgrades to the future versions of the OS. 


The next option is to hire an offshore window mobile application development company which specializes in developing custom apps that offer value to the business clients while using apps on their gadgets.

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