Funny Creative Gadgets You Never Imagine

The first era of practical, creative designs often give people infinite pleasure. Wandering reporter Wang Plaza, the passing OID stores, no intention to find some unique gadgets, no grandstanding hyperbole, are not meant to create a false, you feel it is smart ideas flow brought vividly.


Some may dismiss, cell phone rope to hang the phone of course, slightly! Yes, but the OID is Originality, spend some thoughts on the phone Rope modified: exquisite little black spinner not only linked to mobile phones, but also hanging on the keys, wallets, MP3, practical and convenient! Bold ribbons not only meet the requirements of pragmatists, and generous fashion! If you tread carefully will find ribbons of extraordinary significance. According to the owner introduced, these patterns are “OID” variant of the word, with Times New Roman, bold, young round, more than ten kinds of Chinese new fonts Wei. In addition, the couples definitely an alternative style.


See the crystal clear cup mat, small mind to think first CD, to feel the find them to be thicker than the disc. According to the owner explained that this cup pad is made of special materials, high temperature, without breaking. Practical course, has the characteristics of the coaster, so this is a unique coaster pattern on it. Including one by the “OID” changes into a cute cartoon character images, “O” and “D” is the eyes, “I” into the nose, following an English word and then print the “slave”, people try to speculate on a half-day, which A joke is a coaster in the life of the people “slaves” do? This coaster next to a chain, according to the owner that a good creative fun girls can also hang bags on the.

Key Chain

OID of these small key chain is easy reminiscent of fine candy. Although without exception, by the red, white, yellow and black, green and black stripes arranged in spiral into the circle “OID” pattern, but let met put it down, full of joy. Girl fashion whim them “change” into earrings to wear, naughty cute!

Hand rope

Hand rope, this summer has become a new favorite in the girls accessories. Bright colors, fine achievements of the girl’s gentle tread. Whether it is accompanied by the popular color of green make decisions and then printed on the yellow stripe orange “OID” word, or purple and sky blue yellow stripe “OID” can be a beautiful combination of words to add a touch of ineffable charm MM!


Minimalism vigorous wave blew in the summer. Launched this summer, retro version of the red purse reminiscent of the 80s of last century. And that’s the same style, the color of red, zipper design, easy to install only a small change and pocketed the card. But confusing is why such a simple design but to give the most cordial and most natural feeling

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