Best iPhone Apps Under the Radar

The Apple App Store is home to some 150,000 apps and new ones keep coming in almost every day. With just a huge line of incredible applications on its virtual shelf, it becomes really difficult to make a choice. Furthermore, there is still not a good and proved method to shop for the stuff. Users have often criticized the App Store search process because it doesn’t provide enough support unless you exactly know what to buy. The marketers have been blamed for manipulating the app store’s customer reviews, both by the positive and negative ratings.

Most of the iPhone owners are completely dependent on the App Store’s main ‘top 25 list’ that tells the users what to buy. The applications that manage to get a position in this list get the maximum exposure while the remaining just fizzles out. However, for the starters, it is quite difficult to climb the top of the charts as there are several other competitors in the line. Sometimes even the best iPhone apps fall under the radar and they do not get the kind of exposure they deserve.

As an apps developer, your main aim should be to grab the attention of the buyers and create an impression in the app store. In order to promote an application through the app store, you need to make use of the mainstream media for marketing purposes. You might also use the social media and word-of-mouth promotions to get more downloads and earn more profits. The big players in the market who have been around for long know the rules of the game quite well. Microsoft for example, promoted its Bing app through diverse marketing strategies to get it into the top 25 list in its category.

However, moving an application to the top 25 list is not as easy as it seems. Many times, some of the best iPhone apps fail to get a position in the list and thus they are not noticed by the potential users. Here are some cool applications that have incredible features but are quite unheard of:

The Do-Gooder App is a cool application that brings that volunteer-minded people together for nonprofit tasks. It is an incredible tool that you can use to connect people for a cause. Though a very useful app and one of the best iPhone apps when it comes to social cause, it never really managed to come under the top hundred.

Preschool Adventure is a fun and interesting application for the preschool kids. This incredible software creates a lot of exciting and easy to use educational apps for the children. Preschool Adventure allows parents as well as the preschool kids enjoy six cool games, such as dot-to-dot number game and matching animals. Education is perhaps the last market to enter the iPhone apps world, hence the applications has not yet received the kind of exposure it should have. But the iPhone is now growing up and the education apps are sure to get their fair share of the market.

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