Best iPhone Apps for Different Uses

In our fast paced lives, it becomes essential to go with the need of the hour of we will be left behind in the race. The advancement of technology has made our life easier in several ways. We can now do shopping, make hotel reservations, book a flight, and do myriad of other activities with just the push of a few buttons. The app store offers you a selection of different iPhone applications for diverse purposes. Whether you are looking for productivity tools, utilities and timesavers, entertainment apps or photography tools, you will find them all here. In this article, we will discuss about the best iPhone apps for different uses.

Apps to improve productivity:

In any field, success comes to those who know how to manage their time and increase their productivity. Some of the best iPhone apps that enable users to optimize and improve the productivity levels are CalenGoo, Instapaper, and Atomic Browser. CalenGoo works just like your own Google calendar and looks somewhat similar. It comes with some amazing and neat features. You can also use this tool to invite people to different events.

Atomic Browser enables you to restructure a desktop like browser on your iPhone screen. It features various multi-touch gestures, pass code lock, ad blocking, tabs, and Twitter/ Facebook integration, and much more. With Instapaper, you can save the web articles on your iPhone for reading later.

Apps for reference:

These are some of the best apps that can be used for reference. Whether you are seeking answers to your questions or looking for a specific recipe, you can get them right here at WolframAlpha. This is an incredible tool that gives you answers to any question asked in a semantic form. It can answer almost any question you ask. The team of creators is constantly updating the application with new features to make your life easier. The Whole Foods app is an amazing tool for those who love to cook. It contains healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to read and understand.

Time savers and Utility apps:

You can use your iPhone apps to utilize your time correctly and enhance your productivity. Some of the best iPhone apps that can be used as timesavers are Lose It, Line2, 1Password, and Wi-Fi Finder. If you are calorie conscious and find it difficult to keep a track of your calorie intake, consider using Lose It, which comes as a handy application that tells you the amount of calories that your food contains. You can also use Line2 application which allows you to add a special phone line to your phone. This is an amazing service to use if you have weak network coverage inside your home, or if you simply wish to reduce your cell-minutes usage.

If you find it difficult to remember passwords than consider using the 1Password tool that enables you to keep a track of all usernames and passwords, right on your iPhone. This incredible application also syncs perfectly with the desktop. You can also use this application to store other useful information.

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