6 Suicide doors

Suicide door is a door that is hinged on the trailing edge, the edge closer to the rear of the vehicle. These are called as suicide doors as they opened behind you and exposing you to oncoming traffic. While a conventional door opens between you and on coming traffic. In the old days these suicide doors were prone to be open in a crash and as most of the vehicles didn’t have seatbelts the driver or passenger could be ejected out of the car in an accident. So driving a car this dangerous was said to be as suicidal.

The name of suicide doors refers to the danger of such as door being hit by other vehicle while parked at the curb, which can be disastrous for a passenger, happened to be entering or exiting the car at the time.

But only the front doors of car can be converted to suicide doors not the rear ones. The primary advantage of rear hinged doors is that they make it very easy to get in or out of the vehicle. Other advantage of rear hinged rear doors is that this arrangement makes it easier for a person in the front seat to exit the car and get to the handle of the back door to open it for the passenger. It really gives you better space to getting out.

The suicide doors that are offered by lamboverticaldoors.com are unique among all the doors that are available in the market. These suicide doors are adaptable to all the situations. The other doors available in market are sag out to the sides and block your way in and out of the car. But the suicide door offered by lamboverticaldoors.com makes the doors perpendicular to the car and this helps you to get in and out of the car very easily.

Many of us can do anything to enhance our car as we can change their doors with suicide doors. They are the car doors that are always regarded as luxurious.

The persistent argument against the suicide doors is that a car approaching in the next lane may hit the door just as you are exiting and may lead to serious injury. On the other side suicide doors are the ways to differentiate the vehicles from both regular wagons and minivans.

Lamboverticaldoors.com proudly offers you premium quality suicide doors which coverts any existing doors into reverse opening doors. Car enthusiasts are switching on these suicide doors in order to take their vehicles to the next level.

The suicide doors offered by us are the perfect solution for those who are looking to modify doors of their vehicles.
From first glance you will realize that how much research and development has undergone into the engineering or our suicide doors. But beware of other distributors or internet sites who have tried to replicate our designs. The knock-off versions of our doors are made with the steel that is too soft resulting in the doors going out of adjustment, damaging your vehicle and ruining your paint. So there is no need to think more about the suicide doors for your car as Lamboverticaldoors.com is here.

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