Top Outrageous iPhone Apps Banned

Everyday, thousands of new apps are submitted to sell on Itunes store, which can be played in Iphone and other devices by Apple. Recently, due to the increasing amount of unappropriated apps, Apple decided to make Itunes safer and more productive marketplace. Apps which are rated as adult content, offensive, or violate are removed from Itunes.

This articles will introduce the most outrageous and controverisal apps banned from Itunes store.


My Shoe

The app, a mini game built by a Pakistani, allows users to throw shoes at president George Bush in order to hurt him and gain points. The game was quite simple and funny. However, since it came to ridicule public officials, it didn’t last long.

The app was inspired from the actual news of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at President Bush in 2008


Baby Shaker

Baby Shaker, first accepted by Store then was pulled out when they received the protest from community and media. The goal of the game is “to stop the crying infant on screen by violently shaking the iPhone, till the two red “x” marks appear over the baby’s eyes.”

A controversial program for the iPhone called “Baby Shaker” was added to, then pulled from ITune



I am Rich

This app, with a ridiculous price of nearly $ 1,000, has no function but a screensaver. Why do Iphone users pay such a huge money for this useless app? The developer explained “The red icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this.”

Strangely, about 8 people had already purchased this app before Apple decided to remove it from App-store.

The app at $ 1,000 is a screensaver with the words “I am Rich”, no hidden function.



South Park

The game South Park was withdrawn from Itunes Store due to its ”potentially offensive” content. The cartoon characters was criticized to be so profane that App Store rejected to sell it on their system.


Pull my Finger

A funny and rude app named “Pull My Finger” allows users to virtually ‘pull’ a character’s finger, then there comes a farting sound. Itunes App store decided to ban this app when it was first introduced. However, three months later, it’s accepted and becomes one of the best-selling apps in the store.

In “Pull my Finger” app, users can choose to pull the finger from several virtual characters


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