The Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette allows you to smoke just about anywhere. Smoking bans are everywhere. Smokers feel like criminals trying to sneak a smoke in private, so as not to disturb others or break any smoking bans. Bars, restaurants and many public places, like bus stops, no longer allow you to smoke.

Not that long ago you could light up a smoke anytime, anywhere. Now there are few to no public areas where smoking is permitted. In some states you can not even smoke in your own car if you have passengers under the age of sixteen. It has come to the point where you feel like you are breaking the law every time you reach for a cigarette.

These bans have many smokers wonder why the sale of cigarettes has not become illegal, as well.

Electronic Cigarettes to the Rescue

With the invention of the electronic cigarette, you can ‘smoke’ anywhere. It is not real smoke, just water vapor. You get the same comfort and flavor as with a real cigarette, but without the toxic fumes and annoying smoke. There aren’t any ashes, smoking electronic cigarette will not discolor your teeth or fingers and no one can whine about second hand smoke.  

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

People seem to really like these cigarettes. They say the taste is the same as a real cigarette. Is this marketing hype or are electronic cigarettes really as good as the real thing?

Real Breathe Fresh – According to actual users the Real Breathe Fresh electronic cigarettes tasted very similar to tobacco. The LED tip glowed a bright orange to give the feel of an actual smoke. Exhaling produced a pleasant puff of white smoke to further enhance the experience. The flavor was described as distinctively tobacco, not fruity, not overly chemical and no unpleasant aftertaste.

The Apollo – The Apollo also received rave reviews. The taste was pleasant and the experience was very much like smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Although, it excelled in all areas, customers did say it was slightly larger than other electronic cigarettes. Another huge plus for the Apollo was that it is priced lower than competitors.

Green Smoke – This electronic cigarette is priced a bit higher than some others, but customers believe it is well worth the few extra bucks. The flavor is definitely tobacco and named the best of all flavors tested.

If you are ready to kick the tobacco habit, electronic cigarettes are a safe and affordable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Even if you don’t want to give up your smokes, with these you can get your nic fix anytime, anywhere.


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