Mini Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes which closely resemble regular cigarettes are fast emerging as possible alternatives to their regular counterparts. In spite of debates over their safety, the mechanisms powered by battery are gradually influencing the so called smart smokers. Perhaps, having been encouraged by their success one of the manufacturers has recently introduced the miniature forms of the electronic cigarettes. Such miniature forms are referred to as the mini electronic cigarettes.


The miniature versions of the electronic cigarettes also have their constituting parts in reusable and refillable cartridge, rechargeable battery and atomizer. Mini electronic cigarettes like that of the regular ones make way for the inhaling of nicotine in its vaporized form. The vapor inhaled leaves the smoker satisfied without involving the process of burning. With the puff being taken in the e-liquid, which consists of nicotine in varying strength, is vaporized. As a smoker inhales the detected air flow activates the heating element leading to the vaporization of the flavored liquid. Despite containing nicotine, they are supposed to be free from the harmful chemicals which cause cancer and various heart diseases.


The mini electronic cigarettes are the world’s smallest possible cigarette to enjoy. The distinctive feature which separates mini cigarettes from the other e cigarettes is the inseparable atomizer which is provided with every refill cartridge. The replaceable cartridge has an atomizer built in to it. The built in atomizer allows the smoker to change flavors without having to think about the lingering effect of the previously used flavors.


Apart from being the smallest possible cigarette with an inseparable atomizer, the mini e cigarette also offers different flavors and various concentration of nicotine; keeping in mind the differing tastes and demands. While the various levels of nicotine range from high to zero; the varying flavors offered include Cherry, Vanilla and Light. One comes across variety even in its color scheme. The mini cigarettes are also economical in nature as they last longer than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The price range for the initial kit which varies between 39.95-79.95 U.S dollars also adds to the economy of the buyers.


Besides the factors related to the buyer’s economy, the unique size, color scheme, flavors offered, options related to the availability of twin e-cigarette batteries and a portable charger  contribute to the smartness of smoking.

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