Find the Best Apps Testing Company for Your iPhone and Android Apps

Almost all online enterprises have already started capitalizing from the mobile-web advantage. Businesses have realized that the users are not satisfied with the mobile compatibility alone, and prefers native apps of the websites which can be installed in their smartphones which makes them feel empowered with access over the sites in their iPhone/Android, anywhere, at anytime, even while on-the-go.


Due to this increasing demand, businesses rush to develop and deploy mobile applications rapidly. But, any mobile application which does not undergo quality check is sure to throw bugs, while in the hands of the users, thus resulting in a failure app. Nowadays, users are unforgiving and immediately go viral about the glitches of the app, which brings defame to the business on the whole. Hence, ensure to test your iPhone app/ Android app from dedicated testing professionals.

The rise in mobile app development affirms the necessity of mobile application testing services.


There are numerous dedicated testing services which proclaims to posses a team of testing expertise, experienced in testing mobile applications on various platforms under various conditions. Mobile application testing companies follows a procedure for testing the mobile apps, starting from gathering information regarding the testing enquiry, analyzing the requirement, providing scope of the testing required for the application, inform the testing strategies to be adopted, prepare a test plan, set test environment and develop test cases, executes the test , gather and deliver bug reports, and finally, hand over a detailed test report with observation.


Finding the best mobile apps testing company, which can effectively test your iPhone/Android app and deliver a quality app is a big challenge. I have streamlined few best practices a mobile application testing company like abides for high-level quality checks.


They are:

Concentrates on testing the application considering all possible factors.

Understand the usage of application and the lanscape across which the app is going to be used.

Adopts various testing approaches and techniques such as performance testing, usability testing, load testing, functionality testing, automation testing, integration testing, etc.

Conduts testing on several test levels and test them in real time environment.

Utilize bug tracking tools like Jira, Bugzilla.

Perform automation testing with tools like egplant, ecplise, fone monkey, fone monkey Android etc.

Use real devices for testing the mobile apps instead of simulators.

Test each app with a determination to deliver quality apps in terms of usability, rather than just an ordeal error-free delivery.


Partnering with a mobile app testing expertise also releases from the hardship of managing the expertise. Mobile application testing services which have an independent and highly experienced testing professionals maintains to deliver robust and agile application that sustains user attraction. Choose a best-in-class mobile apps testing service that is committed to render quality app without any glitches, which results in successful submission/ approval of the apps in the app market.

Hi I am a Mobile Apps Developer having years of hands on experience in Mobile Application Manual and automation Tester also an expert reviewer for android apps testing.

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