Electronic toothbrush

The electric toothbrush is the latest product, in foreign countries have set off a revolution in the field of oral health care. Although electric toothbrush in the application of our country is not popular, but has been predicted, it will become public health products a key member. Investigation shows that compared with the ordinary toothbrush, the electric toothbrush more scientific and effective. Can thoroughly remove plaque, reduce gingivitis and gingival bleeding, is also present in many countries in Europe and America popular commodities. While the electric toothbrush through rapid rotation, so that the brush head to generate high-frequency vibration, the moment will dived toothpaste into fine foam, thoroughly clean teeth; At the same time, the bristles of the fibrillation can promote the blood circulation in the oral cavity, for the gingival tissue have unexpected massage effect.

The electric toothbrush has inserted the power and driven by a battery of two types. Compared with traditional manual toothbrush, under the electric power, the brush head to thousands and even tens of thousands of times per minute speed, efficiency is much higher than that of manual toothbrush bristles, but it demands higher, with no damage to gingiva.

Electric toothbrush brush is the use of a rotary motion, so need in each tooth surface for a period of time, to take into account the 3tooth surface, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth, more time-consuming. Therefore, the use of electric toothbrush need to have enough patience can truly clean teeth. If it is put into the mouth, but not synchronously move up and down, but also can not thoroughly clean teeth fissure, gingival sulcus and slot and other special parts of bacteria, can also cause dental.

The electric toothbrush has only changed people’s way of brushing teeth, and cannot completely take the place of scaling function. But many people in the manual brushing, due to improper way, brushing too much effort, easy cause the teeth and gums unnecessary damage, while the electric toothbrush can reduce this injury, for the gums will play a role of massage.

But the electric toothbrush if using the wrong way, it will cause the teeth to hurt. Usually use ordinary toothbrush is active on the brush, the vertical brush. While the electric toothbrush vibration frequency and strength are relatively fixed, rotates on the tooth surface similar to the horizontal brush, for the teeth may cause some wear, serious may lead to periodontitis. If the tooth itself is not too good, for example, with gingivitis, periodontitis, had better not choose electric toothbrush. The frequency and intensity of the electric toothbrush is fixed, because children can’t master the proper usage, easy damage tender gums, make gums redness and symptoms, at the same time will make the teeth are subjected to severe wear, severe cases can also cause periodontitis, lead to tooth loss. Children use the electric toothbrush many drawbacks, and should be used with caution!

There are electric toothbrush every minute thousands and even tens of thousands of times the vibration frequency, may produce electromagnetic waves, whether can produce undesirable effect to human body, it is hard to say.

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