Electronic Musical Keyboard

Keyboard instruments are among the widely appreciated types of musical instruments all over the world. Several decades ago, many families required at least a member of the household to learn how to play the piano. That is why most of them had an upright full-size piano in their living rooms. Their children started getting piano lessons at a very young age and were required to practice regularly to master its art. Nowadays, full-size pianos are still available but they come with hefty price tags. But with the advancement of technology, anyone can opt for the cheaper version which is the electronic musical keyboard.

Known as the pianoforte, the very first of all keyboard instruments was created by Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy in 1709. Being a harpsichord maker, he designed the piano using the wooden harpsichord frame as basis. He wanted to create an ideal instrument for big performances and thought of combining the functions of a clavichord and a harpsichord. The clavichord had an impressive control and prolonging of notes but it was not loud enough. The harpsichord, on the other hand, had ample volume but did not have the necessary control on each note. The success of his invention was not right away made known until Scipione Maffei, an Italian writer, published an article about it which triggered some musicians’ interest to further develop and improve it. The attempts of the other musicians produced pieces of Cristofori’s work with some significant additions to it. This effort also led to the invention of the organ by Gottfried Silbermann.

Modern Popularity

Currently, there are several kinds of keyboards available on the market. Choosing an appropriate one is no longer a simple task because of the overwhelming selections to choose from. There are the low and high end pianos of different brands and there are also the vertical pianos, the grand pianos, and the digital piano or otherwise known as the electronic musical keyboard.

An electronic musical keyboard is one of the top picks for beginners and pros alike. This instrument is also called the home keyboard, portable keyboard and digital keyboard. It is a type of a digital or electronic keyboard instruments. The major components of this instrument are the rhythm and chord generator, musical keyboard, sound generator, user interface software, speaker and the amplifier.
An electronic musical keyboard is also cheaper compared to a full-size piano. It does not require constant tuning which helps save money from buying expensive tuners. It is also portable and does not take too much space in the living room. It can even be placed in any room, which makes it suitable for those who stay in small apartments or houses. The sound it generates is also more practical.

All in all, an electronic musical keyboard is the best pick for those who want to learn the piano but cannot afford the traditional one. Its ease of use, handling and maintenance makes it very appealing to potential customers. It offers more flexibility than the usual pianos and is definitely worth giving a try.

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