Electronic Kits

Electronic Kits – Let Your Kid’s Imagination Run Wild!

Birthday and Christmas presents always seem to be the same type of thing; a toy car, a game of Monopoly, a train set or a games console. With it becoming even harder for children to get into overcrowded schools it’s vital that you encourage the imagination of your child as soon into their childhood as possible. Electronic Kits are a new breed of present that will excite and amaze your kid this Christmas or Birthday!

Electronic Kits

An Electronic Kit is a set of blocks that have a printed circuit board inside, with each block being a different colour depending on its function. The idea is to plug together the blocks in different combinations so that the child can create circuits – basically writing their own program and inventing new kits! Whether you want to create an alarm for your bedroom, a space station, lie detectors or even a recorder – you can with an Electronic Kit.

The following colours give you an idea of how the kit will work:

” Yellow – the yellow block triggers the system with the press of a button, a flash from a light or some movement.
” Blue – The blue blocks take the signals from one area to another.
” Orange – These are the ‘thinking’ blocks. They make sure everything works and runs smoothly.
” Red – They communicate through light and sound, offering you the chance to turn things on and off as well as record speaking messages.
” Green – These are the energy suppliers!


One of the best things about Electronic Kits is the fact that they are great for the education of your child. Thousands of Primary Schools actually use these kits as they are a great way to encourage children to learn about Design & Technology. Children are able to learn about the process of designing through trial & error.

When it comes to getting hold of an Electronic Kit you will be best served by searching online – why? You’ll save plenty of time and you can go direct to the manufacturer to ensure that you’re getting the best quality possible, rather than a cheap knock-off.

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