Difference between iPhone Apps and iPad Apps

The iPhone and iPad are the most successful and popular gadgets today by Apple Company. The iPhone and iPad are completely two different creations when it comes to hardware, software and the activities that can be done by users.

The iPhone is a smart phone that can be used for making calls, sending text messages or email messages, play games, browse internet, play music and videos, and much more. On the other hand, the iPad is a larger tablet device mainly used for doing online activities, reading books and playing the multimedia files. But some same functions can also be performed on both the devices like – both allows users to play games; both allows to browse the web and send e-mails; watch videos and listen to the music, etc.

The iPad is more like a netbook. The big difference between them is their sizes – iPhone has a touchscreen which is of 480 x 320 pixels and iPad is of much larger size that measures 1024 x 768 pixels. In fact, the difference in the size is actually the key issue when the applications of iPhone and iPad are compared.

All the applications present on iPhone can be downloaded on iPad except for those needed to make calls. All of them will work quite smoothly on iPad except with the difference that they will appear little bigger to fit on the iPad screen. Because of this, the pictures in the apps when viewed in an enlarged manner will look less sharp than the original one and more pixilated. But the vice versa doesn’t work that is – all the applications of iPad don’t work on the iPhone. Native applications of iPad occupy large touchscreen space. Even if these applications can work on smaller screen of an iPhone, it doesn’t look as great as on iPad and also it is not readable properly. The iPad applications that will not work at all properly on iPhone are the magazine and newspaper related apps. The magazine or newspaper apps look amazing on iPad providing great user experience.

The mobile apps developers have gained a lot of success in the mobile industry due to increasing demand of iPhone and iPad apps amongst the users. In last 3 years, Apple has achieved millions of iPhone and iPad owners worldwide after the release of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the iPad.

The apps nicely optimized looks incredible on iPad with beautiful graphics. Moreover, total number of apps available for iPad is approximately more than 70,000 that are not offered for any other platform. Selecting from Apple’s two latest and greatest gadgets – the iPhone 4 and the iPad gets difficult for users. But some of the advantages of iPad over the iPhone to make a choice – more memory space, higher screen resolution, larger screen, larger keyboard, iBooks and some other useful apps.

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