Android Apps Development Differs from iPhone Apps Development


Cell phones are fast becoming a medium to assess Internet. This has given way to apps development. A flurry in the apps development has resulted in basing the cell phones on different operating system like Google Android OS, Apple iOS, RIM based operating system and many more. Amongst all, there are two primary mobile platforms on the cell phone used today – android and apple phone devices. Figures reveal that 40% of mobile platforms are based upon Android system.
There are other players also but almost 50% of mobile platforms is occupied by apple phone. Android application development is quite different from Apple as the two operating systems are entirely different from each other. This leads to different applications for the two operating systems. Android app development is easier amongst the two. It is easy to handle and easy to implement due to its open source characteristic. The SDK of operating system assists the developers in development process to work on apps and implement them faster.
Google developed operating system as a mobile platform and consist of OS, the middleware, main application and SDK.
Benefits attached with Android:
• Linux based operating system facilitates easy accessibility to rich development environment. It also facilitates core functionality of mobile device.
• Development tools are highly supportive. Mobile app development cycle is reduced drastically.
• Developers have access to all information and services with no biasness.
• Google’s rich browser facilities facilitate the developer for enhanced services.
Increased usage of android operating system promotes android app developer team to use Android SDK platform. The versatile open source operating system provides a versatile open source app development platform as a catalyst for business to launch useful and innovative mobile app.
This doesn’t mean that android app development has no limitations. Only the experienced android developers have the ability of completely systematic development. They are aware of android developer field for qualifying app development. Then they have the capability to convert vital information into effective and successful android app. Potential clients have a need for a specific mobile software program. This is possible through experienced software programmers.
New information is released every now and then. This vital information is released for developers. However, this information has no specific releasing ground. Android developers have to be alert and smart to read the latest every now and then and download the important information and use it in software programming. Apple has Apple Muse blog website and hence Apple app developers get all latest information at one place. The only way out is to subscribe to android application development industry and remain associated with all that is new.
Android world is dynamic in approach. Software ease in development and developers’ association has helped in increase in percentage of software usage in world –wide market in a very small interval.

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