The Presence of Android Apps In Schools

While many administrators cringe at the thought of every student being armed with a mobile phone, there is a movement involving parents and school-related apps that is worth noting. Because smartphones and tablets have opened the proverbial flood-gates to Android apps that range from silly gaming titles to serious business platforms, the implementation of such programming is exponentially expanding. Information is being shared faster than any of us had ever imagined, and with several parents wanting to increase their role in the schooling of their children, apps are opening a new communication module between a school’s administration and a child’s parents.

Primary schools aren’t the only educating institutions using the platform, and as the uses pile-up, so will the users. Primary School Parent/teacher conferences are facilitated much easier when a school allows parents the ability to view grades or stay up to date on progress reports. Parents can keep track of their child’s progress without ever setting foot on school grounds. While meetings are likely still necessary for many interactions, this significantly reduces the amount of time that teachers must spend in conferences that were once designed only as updates for the child’s parents. Any special dates or information can be updated instantly and parents are given the opportunity to stay informed throughout the entire school year. Colleges and Universities Where we have seen the largest implementation of Android applications involves the collegiate level of education. Students are able to add and drop classes directly from their smartphones, eliminating the need for extensive counseling sessions or long lines in the administration building. Granted, much of this was alleviated with the creation of web-based management systems, but when a mobile app is involved, students can make the changes from anywhere they please. Many feature informative tools that notify students when particular classes have been cancelled by the professor. The uses are endless in this design and students may never again be able to create excuses for missing important dates.

Creating These Apps Administrators understand budget constrictions better than most, and when a school is looking to create a user-friendly application for their faculty and student body, things can get expensive. However, the emergence of web-based app builder programs is helping many to create apps that provide incredible services to all users without spending a dime. How is this possible? The use of templates allows “developers” to hit the ground running. Any alterations made to the template are facilitated through simple commands that require little understanding about Android app programming. The end result is a suite that allows school administrators to create useful applications without delegating large amounts of the school’s budget to the cause. Education can be a tricky subject when we discuss finding the happy medium between convenience and responsibility. Yet, students, parents, and faculty members have spoken and the smartphone is their device of choice.

Enticing participation will not be an issue, because the app itself is designed to enhance their experience and create a convenient liaison between individuals and the educational institution. Snow days, event changes, or guest speakers can all be promoted through the application, which can increase attendance to these events and entice students to participate in more campus activities. Perhaps you have an idea that you believe would help you better track your child’s progress? If so, visit an online suite like Andromo and see how easy creating apps can be. You might just come up with a programming concept that changes the way we look at education! The end result is an involved parent-base and students that stay informed – it doesn’t get much better than that!

With Andromo, anyone can make a professional Android app. You don’t have to be a code jockey or pay a programmer thousands of dollars. Create your own app. No programming required.

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