Ice Cream Sandwich is more tasty with Samsung Galaxy Nexus White

Beauty and quality are the two essential factors, which define the persona of a “complete” person or item. South Korean company is well-versed of these both factors. It’s the reason, that Google selected it for launching its latest Android operating system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Even though, company rolled out it through its device Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but now it’s available in more attractive White versions to let you enjoy both factors through a single device.

Indeed, for the buyers, who love the style, now ICS has become sweeter and tastier on Samsung Galaxy Nexus White. In white look, this device is making waves in the mobile phone market. The front shooter fitted in this device supports the Face recognition technology. It recognizes the face of owner and handset at once unlocks.

Apart from this, now you don’t need to tap your fingers for sending a message to your near and dear ones. By using the “Voice to Text” feature, you can dictate your message to this mobile phone and it will quickly convert it into the text. Isn’t it an innovative and exciting spec?

Moreover, this operating system also supports the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. You should get ready to enjoy it at an advanced level in comparison to earlier ones.

The handset has also come in the spotlight due to its huge touchscreen, which measures up the size of 4.65 inches. The screen is indeed fantastic to view anything with crystal clarity in plenty of vibrant colors.

But, the Achille’s heel is its 5 mega pixels camera, which is disappointing watching the other phones boasting of better 8MP or even 12 MP shooter. But, you can click the nice enough pics by using this shooter.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus White is available in the 16GB or 32GB memory versions. The dual-core 1.2GHz CPU is here to make your run on it at snappy speed.

With Samsung Galaxy Nexus White deals, it would be without doubt more cost-effective to grab this gadget. Available on various network stores, these deals are affordable in rates and are tempting with free gifts and incentives.

Moreover, their comparison is now an easy task with online mobile phone portals. The facility of online order placing is here to provide you quick delivery.


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