Exclusively Must Have Apps For Your Laptop

People who travel a lot, and travel with their laptops often face issues with system security and productivity. Security breaches can be a constant fear while traveling, apart from the normal wear and tear causing laptop repair issues. This is precisely why you would require protecting your laptop and extending its functionality through the following apps. 

Laptop’s Security – External factors which can keep a hawk eye on your system
1) Comodo Firewall – It is a complete and reliable protection as a firewall from the external threats for your laptop. While traveling you will pass mainly through unknown network zones, it always a good practice to turn your Comodo firewall on. If you opt for Comodo’s internet security, it offers dual security with antivirus and firewall. 
2) LogMeIn Hamachi2 – It serves as and excellent application to let your computer connect safely through internet. 
3) Prey – The probability of losing your laptop while travel is high. It can be negligence on your part or a thief can steel you laptop. In either case the loss is entirely yours. But with Prey installed on your laptop you can rid yourself of the trouble. It can effectively help in recovering and locating your stolen laptop. 
Other apps for laptop’s security include – HTTPS Everywhere, Hotspot Shield, Shield Exchange, TrueCrypt and Shield Exchange
Connectivity Security –Related to Wi-Fi and Internet issues  
1) LogMeIn – Remotely access a Mac or Windows computer through a web browser using this app.
2) Connectify – One of the most popular apps for safely converting your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling other devices to access the resident Ethernet-only connection.
3) PdaNet – Instantly convert your Smartphone into a modem. Through the tethering process, you can get your net connected through your laptop.  
Apps To Keep A Close Check On Your Laptop 
1) IObit Toolbox – It is significantly a must have app while traveling and otherwise. A realistic DIY laptop repair guide for almost 20+ PC problems which will be fixed anywhere-anytime. Substantially stressing on its nature for automatically diagnosing laptop repair, it is a good option if you don’t have instant tech assistance.
2) BattCursor – A free app and very lightweight to install, it displays and tracks the battery life of your laptop and can even be customized. 
Multimedia – To keep you entertained the most optimized and orderly manner
1) Orb – It’s peppy software that allows you to stream home PC to your laptop for any of your music, photos, or video collection.
2) Youtube Downloader HD – All those videos you wish could be saved and seen later is now possible that too the HD way with this application. It also converts the video into different formats. Almost all formats for conversion are available and it is really easy to operate it.
3) Virtual CloneDrive – This application reduces the need to carry optical drive as you can use CDs or DVDs right from the hard drive.
This list can be expanded with plenty of other utility apps for laptop while traveling, but for now we just included the core ones.  Stay tuned for some more later! 


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