5 Top Rated Apps for Android Phones

Apps for android phones are widely being sought by users having android gadgets. In last several months android phones have topped the list of tech savvy gadgets. Every 4th buyer coming to a mobile handset store asks to show latest versions of android phones. Today android handsets are being rated among top selling smart phones loaded with OS application system. OS enables users to develop their own application if they are professional application developers.

1) Astrology files management apps: This application carries many benefits; it checks the performance of an android phone. It also functions as a task management application system. Users can create zip or winrar files in the astrology files management system and attach them to emails.

2) Google documents: This one of the most important apps for android phones. Users can manage and save all documents with ease in their android phones by using this application. They can also edit their documents by using this application.

3) EzPDF Reading System: EzPDF reading system is the best alternative to PDF reading application. The latter works on Adobe technology platform. This application is the best for beginners who are not fully acquainted with use of android phones.

4) Gmote 2.0: Gmote is one of the most important applications for android handset. It doesn’t have any issue of bugs in 1.0 version. By using this application in an android phone users can use their computers even from a remote location. This application is really useful for those people who want to do some official work even while being on travel. Gmote 2.0 makes android phones work like a Wi Fi touch pad.

5) Google audio apps: This apps is also called Google Voice. Users can use it to get notified about receiving a new message on their android phone. This application also enables transcribing messages from voice mails. Google audio apps is very useful for business professionals.

The market of android phones is likely to grow in the forthcoming time. For this reason manufacturers of these phones are developing variety of free as well as paid applications. Apps for android phones can be installed directly on android handsets. The application gets activated automatically after completion of installation process.


Tanzania Scott writes informative and unique articles about latest science news and Latest Smartphones.