The Nexus S In White Is Now Available

Have you been looking for a Nexus S in white? If you prefer this color, you may have been wondering why other models have released various color choices in their handsets. The HTC Desire comes in white. The Samsung Galaxy S also comes in a white color. There is also a Blackberry Torch in white.

The reasons for preferring the color varies. You may want to match it with your clothes. You may want it to match other devices in white, or it might just be your favorite color. Whatever your reason may be, the phone is now available in that color.

Regardless of the choices in color, the smartphone still has the same innovative features only Google can bring. One of these features is its cutting edge performance. Thanks to its 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and 512 MB of RAM, you are sure to run anything from OS application to mobile apps with ease.

The Android handset is the first to be launched with a contoured display. The curved 4.0 inch display is perfect for carrying around on your hand and is perfect for resting along the face during calls. Aside from being ergonomically designed, the display offers a brighter screen and higher contrast. Its luminance is up to 1.5 times higher than conventional LCD displays. This simply means that text will be crisp at any font and colors will be vibrant. Lastly, it offers 75 percent less glare compared to other conventional LCD displays.

When apps are concerned, the Nexus S in white gives you quick access to the Android Market. Here you have access to over a hundred thousand apps, widgets, and games. With these apps, you are sure to spend countless hours playing games, getting other forms of entertainment, or gathering valuable information.

Everything about the smartphone is about Google. It comes pre-installed with an assortment of Google apps. You get the popular Google Search for getting the answers you need. You will never get lost with Google Maps with Navigation. You get a popular email service with Gmail. Explore your world with Google Earth. These are just a few of the of the Google apps pre-installed on the Nexus S in white.

The Nexus S White is a variant of the Nexus S.

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