Tekken 6 Review

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It was only a few months ago that some young, handsome buck [who’s that then? – ed.] reviewed the PS3 version of Tekken 6, awarding it a massive 94% and declaring it one of the best beat-’em-ups available. Now it’s the turn of the PSP conversion, and we really didn’t expect it to impress us as much as it did, to be honest.

The first thing that sticks out about Tekken 6 on PSP is the look of the thing. While it obviously doesn’t have the fidelity of the home console version, it still looks absolutely brilliant – easily one of the best-looking games on PSP and a reminder that the system really does pack a fair punch. Action is smooth, flows well and we saw no slowdown or graphical break-up of any sort during our time with the game. In fact, it has such a clean, crisp look that it could be argued that it looks better than the PS3 version in some way – it’s certainly a lot cleaner looking, and isn’t muddied up with motion blur and other filtering processes in place to help it run at a fair whack. Obviously this is purely subjective, and from a technical standpoint the PSP is trounced, but you get the point.

As for the game, you would probably be unsurprised to read that it plays pretty much exactly like its bigger brother. All the moves and animations are present and correct, and there are few control issues with the PSP face buttons and D-pad that can’t be sorted with a bit of hand movement. In fact, the main issue in this regard is the onset of PSP claw after extended play. There really is no other way to describe it than: it’s Tekken 6 on PSP. What this means, however, is that Azazel is still the cause of much industrial language being spewed out by any and all who play against him. While we initially thought his difficulty/cheapness level might have been tweaked to make the fights… well… easier, it turned out we were dead wrong. He’s still a massive, crystal, dragon-thing cheat who needs a slap.

Download Tekken 6 PSP/PSP Go Game For Free Now!

One omission from the PS3 version is Scenario mode, which is abandoned altogether. While we wouldn’t defend the mode as a high point of the Tekken series, it is still a decent distraction so it’s quite sad to see it isn’t present. While there is nothing directly in its place, there is a new mode to help players rack up cash quickly – Gold Rush. It’s a series of battles that encourage players to hit different moves and avoid being hit back in return for money. Simple, effective and surprisingly fun.

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