mobile phone recycling comparison site now comparing many other gadgets

How does mobile phone recycling work?

When you approach a company to sell your mobile, you are placing your trust in them. You are waiting for them to go through your old mobile, gauge its value and then wait for the company to pay you the money for all it is really worth. All the old phones are collected and they are recycled and refurbished. Everything that can be salvaged from the old phone is taken away and a new product is created. This will then enter the market as a new product. Almost a 70 million mobile phones are recycled every year in UK.

How do you go about selling old phones?

The steps cannot be simpler because all you have to do is a visit a website that will compare the rates of the different mobile recycling companies and inform you of the best rates when you want to sell mobile. You twiddle your thumbs while they search through all the major recycle sites and give you an estimate. You don’t have to wait for long because all it takes is a few minutes. The biggest advantage is that you get paid for something you are just waiting to throw out. It is the quickest way to get rid of your unwanted handset.

Do these companies take only mobile phones?

If you want to sell mobile, then this is the website to approach – And if you want to recycle your ipods, ipads, music cds and gold then you don’t have to go elsewhere too. This company will compare all the latest recyclers prices so you can get the most cash for your gadgets making sure you benefit financially from them. it is a very simple process, all you need to do is either click on one of the provided links for most popular phones on the home page, or type in the device make and model number into the search bar.
Click “Search” and all the websites willing to purchase your mobile device appear on the screen, each with a price listing next to the device showing the best price for your used device.

Proceed in the phone recycle process by clicking on the “Go To Website” link, situated next to the website that provides the best price for your mobile device. One you reach the website you are required to fill out a bit of information regarding your mobile phone. This includes the current quality of the phone. Many websites do take phones with cracked screens and other external damage, although the total price does drop for the phone. To sell mobile phone devices with the website, you then must include your shipping information.


As a fan of the mobile phone recycling comparison service it is worth paying them a visit to see how much cash you can earn.

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