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So, I got into Android development around June of 2009. I was kind of interested in it,  so I bought a book that outlines the basic framework of Android and how to get accustomed to it. Right around that time, there was a contest that Google had to promote Android. Android was still pretty small back then, so they were throwing in a lot of money to try to promote and get more developers involved in it.

I decided it would be a good learning experience to build an app, with the goal of entering it into this contest. The app that I ended up building was my most popular one called “Car Locator.” It ended up winning third place in the travel category of the Android development contest.

It got some press and people started downloading it more, and then I published some sales figures as far as how it was doing in terms of revenue for the application. From there it just got really popular. Sales have been really strong.

There was a contest that I entered where I ended up winning first place. That came with a $ 70,000 cash prize. The app was featured in major publications like Wired and TechCrunch and in a Verizon commercial.

After that, I started writing other applications as well, and now I have five applications and I own the market and I’d say I’m making about $ 160,000 a year on app sales. That’s Google’s total revenue, I take home about 70% of that.

Car Locator is an app that basically helps you find your car in a large parking lot.

Copy Paste It is an app that adds copy paste capabilities across your entire phone.

Screen Shot It let’s you take screenshots of anything on your phone screen.

Audio Photos is like a regular camera application except it records ambient audio a few seconds before and after and it lets you share it with others. So it’s kind of like a photo, but whenever you view a photo you’ll hear a few seconds of audio.

Smarter Alarm is basically an alarm clock application where instead of waking up to a blaring alarm clock sound, you wake up to information like weather or sports scores.



These apps evolved out of my own personal need. For Car Locator, I always had the problem of finding my car after I park it. So I figured, since Android phones have a compass and GPS, a car location app could be pretty simple to write and also very useful for myself.

This has applied to other apps. It was really difficult to copy and paste with the Android phone and I was pretty frustrated with that, so I ended up writing an application that lets you copy paste.

Same thing with screenshots. I wanted to take screenshots on my phone, but there was no way to do it, so I ended up writing my own application.

It turns out that these needs that I had were needs that other people had, and it ended up being pretty popular because other people would download it. I think personal need or what you think other people will need is the best way to figure out what kind of apps to develop.

I also ask friends if they have any great ideas for apps. They kind of just mention it to me and I think that’s a great way to get ideas.

As far as the revenue distribution for those five apps, Car Locator does about 30% of those sales, Screen Shot it does another 30%, and then the last three apps are evenly distributed for the last 40% of the sales. Car Locator and Screen Shot It are the oldest applications.

Once you first release an application, you’re not going to get sales instantly. It takes a little while for the apps to get promoted and there are many other contributing factors, but you kind of just have to wait for the apps to mature a little bit.

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