Major Updates In The Android Market

As Android,Inc came very late in the Mobile market but still it is serving well to android gadgets owners .But Android platform needs a lot of improvement. After evaluating the tough competition between various mobile platforms Google has managed to add a few features in Android programming which are as follows:-

Android developers can now test their app with in-app billing:- Google made an announcement that app name in-app billing will be at the android market next week. This app includes testing procedure. Now, the developers can test their game applications , entertainment applications, business application with the help of this android programming software. The company stated that the payment procedure during the testing phase would be precisely the same as it would be for the actual customers during live transactions. The developers can test their app but can’t publish until the Google introduced this service in the market or on android store.

PayPal Payment method:- We have heard that PayPal and Google has shared a vision regarding PayPal payment method in the android market. Currently, Android users are not much used to pay for apps, they rather prefer free apps. So, it seems that Google wants to make the payments as easy as possible o beat the iPhone application shares.

Amazon and Android are friends now :-Despite of some legal issues Amazon has open its marketplace for android applications. This site contains near 4,00 free and paid for applications. These all app are certified by Amazon in same way as Apple does and the company stated that this all procedure will involve atleast 5 days. Aaron Rubenson, category leader for the Amazon Appstore. said “We are testing all apps prior to making them available in our store, protecting customers from malware and other harmful situations.” . We hope to feature lots of innovative designs as Amazon is a big believer in innovation.

James Gosling And Google :- Android developers are trying their best to beat iPhone platform surely they will succeed as the James Gosling, the man who created the programming language, Java, has just joined Google. So, lets see what a new piece of art they create.

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