Android App Program Tips – how to make Android Apps AND make money with Android apps

How to Make Androids Apps AND Make Money with your Android Apps. Android is now a more popular smart phone than even the IPhone.

 Not surprisingly Android apps in the Android app market are the most popular apps. Learn how to make Android apps and you will have learned how to make the most popular smart phone app in the world.

 You might be surprised to find there is almost no direct and specific information online for how to make apps for these types of smart phones. Don’t beleive me? Do a search on Google right now “how to make Android Apps”

 As a computer programmer myself I can give you some information about what is involved in make Android apps. Typically, if you want to learn to create programs for Android based phones you need to learn the Java programming language.

 Java is very similar to C+ and is called an OOP which stands for object oriented programming. If you want to master Java expect to have to put in some SERIOUS study time.

 Thank god there is a much easier shortcut method for making Android apps. These shortcut methods of creating apps are “codeless” visual interfaces where you make a variety of app behavioral selections, press a button and your brand new original Android app is created for you.

 An added bonus to many of these software programs providing RAD (rapid application development) solutions to creating Android apps is plans and step by step methods to put your Android app in the Android marketplace for you to make money. The net result is a relatively pain free way to create Android apps AND make cash with them.

 So if you want to learn how to create Android apps without a huge learning curve Droid Generator V2.0 might be just what your looking for. Droid Generator be able create Android apps for you on both PC and MAC.

 Creating apps for smart phone is a booming business and the demand will just grow larger over time. There is nothing wrong with going to long way and learning Java its just nice to know the shortcut of Droid Generator 2.0 is there as well.

Jack Mackay

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