Android App Development Heats Up

The recession is not difficult for everyone. There is a group of professionals who have hardly noticed that the economic slowdown. Android application developers have been very busy the past year creating new and innovative applications for phones that use the Android operating system. These developers have used the recession as a time for innovation. Industry reports state that 18 phones will be coming out within 6 months using the Android operating system. The first phone that the Android system was introduced, the T-Mobile G1. Google realized that there is potential at this point. This is all in an attempt by Google to its coverage of the mobile market to expand against the arch-rival Apple.

For those of you who have never stepped outside of your home, Apple introduced the iPhone 3 2 years ago that used an open platform that allows private developers to create, sell and profit from applications. This is done in an open market that has become somewhat of industry in itself. Google’s goal is to find new ways to convince application developers to create products for the Android operating system instead of Apple.

To the rivalry in perspective, Android offers more than 10,000 applications. Apple offers more than 100,000 applications, which is mirrored by higher selling Apple’s iPhone. With Christmas just around the corner, we can expect an increase in the application of sales and an increase in smart phone sales.

Android application developers to assist with another highly anticipated phone release. Not officially called the “Google Phone”, the Nexus One is made by HTC.

The phone will run Android version 2.1. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Google software designed almost all the experience behind the phone, the applications to carry the look and feel of each screen. Google seems to want its brand to throw back a device more direct , designing a phone without working with wireless carriers that often dictate what features they allow on their networks. “

The release date of the Nexus seems to be one thing that remains to be known. ABC News reports that the Nexus One will be available through T-Mobile as soon as January 5, around the corner. Some speculate that prices could be around $ 199.

However, the Nexus is not the only phone coming out in 2010. CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood stepped out on a limb and predicted that mobile phone manufacturers will produce plenty of Android handsets in 2010. According to his estimates, there will be at least fifty new models released in 2010 alone. Until now, each manufacturer is rumored to be planning the following:

* Motorola: Android is embracing in a big way and is expected to produce at least 10 handsets in 2010

* Acer: 5-6 phones have confirmed they have on tap for 1H 2010

* HTC: Rumor has it up to 5 phones are scheduled for 1H 2010

* Sony Ericsson: the X10 is ready for release in Q1 2010 with the assurance that other Android phones are planned

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