How to block incoming calls on Nokia Lumia

How do I block certain incoming calls on the Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 GDR2

How to block incoming calls on Nokia Lumia

Thanks to the new APIs that are introduced with the update of Windows Phone 8 GDR2, Nokia has implemented new features including the ability to block calls and text messages from numbers that we hold to choose.Currently, Nokia Lumia 1020 Nokia Lumia 925 performing Amber, while the rest of Lumia phones (920/820/720/520/520) will receive the update in the next few days, however by the end of August (in theory).

How to block incoming calls and sms from certain numbers on Nokia Lumia

In the event that you have a device WP8 with the latest update of Windows Phone 8, Amber oxime (Grd2), in order to block incoming calls and sms from a particular number, you have to update the app + Extra Info from the Windows Phone Store , and to do that you will find the link below. Once installed the app, you have to go to Settings, Extra + Info and find the section ‘call + SMS Filter’. Here you can add the numbers from which the phone should ignore incoming calls and SMS.
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