Photo quiz solution

The gameplay of Photo Quiz 4 pictures 1 word is pretty easy. The player gets in a level always displayed four pictures and it must guess a word. Often the images are obvious similarities you can easily recognize at first sight or after a short reflection. Furthermore, to see the letters in the word desired solution among the four images. Of course, among the necessary letters for the solution purely random letters have been mixed, so that the solution to the Photo Quiz 4 pictures 1 word level is not too easy.
Unlike other apps in this genre are available in Photo Quiz 4 pictures 1 word some difficulty under which the player can choose. In addition to the normal mode also includes a harder mode and a simple mode.Moreover, one has the choice between different categories, which include, among other things, the category movies, TV, music, celebrities and many more include. Some categories are chargeable, the category of TV and movies can be tested for free.
Another advantage of the app compared to other games of this field is multilingualism. While many 4 pictures 1 word quiz are only in English, this photo quiz is also available in German.

Photo Quiz 4 pictures 1 word solution to all levels

Since not all the pictures and mystery of the app are so easy, we have here an overview of the photo quiz solutions to all levels created. We have divided each of the solutions in the existing levels of the photo quiz.

Photo Quiz solutions for normal

Here you will find the solutions for the Photo Quiz 4 pictures 1 word on Normal difficulty. Since the order of the levels in this app is not random, the solutions should work for everyone.
Level Reply
Level 1 Clown
Level 2 Train
Picture 3 Milk
Level 4 solution Going
Picture 5 Police
Level 6 Fire
Level 7 Shade
Photo 8 Sand
Level 9 Space
Level 10 Solution Glass
Picture 11 Baby
Photo 12 Garden
Picture 13 Book
Level 14 Solution Office
Level 15 Airport
Level 16 Horse
Picture 17 Post
Photo 18 Christmas
Level 19 Solution Students
Level 20 Beach