Did You Know Gaming Unearths Super Smash Bros. Facts

Nintendo 64's Super Smash Bros. is one of the most iconic fighting games out there, and YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming has meticulously gathered up several interesting tidbits to test your knowledge. In the video below, you'll discover why LucasArts was disgruntled about certain sound effects that sounded too similar to Star Wars' lightsabers, how […]

Diet Soda May Triple Stroke Risks: Other Reasons Why Artificially Sweetened Beverages Are Not The Healthier Option

Diet soda is not a healthier option to sugary drinks. Besides diet soda’s links to stroke and dementia, here are other reasons why health experts advise steering away from beverages that use artificial sweeteners. Tech Times : Top News

The Virtual Life – The Unsettling Humanity Of Nina Freeman’s Kimmy

This column was originally published April 20, 2017. Kimmy is a different kind of game from the rest of developer Nina Freeman’s works. Freeman, who now works at Fullbright as a designer on Tacoma, has released a number of personal vignette-like games throughout her career. Her early projects are notable for being games that explore […]